Minor Figures

A Hackney Wick micro-brewery that’s setting up a cold brew coffee business that’s good for everyone in the chain.

Fill the gap

Their name says it all, Minor Figures are all the little guys. They are three men taking on a billion dollar industry, who celebrate the small-scale farmers, the distributors and all the other people who make coffee happen.

Minor Figures was founded by Stuart Forsyth, Jonathan Chiu and Will Rixon after they spotted two extremes in the coffee-drinking industry. On one hand they saw the mass-market, ready-to-drink coffee stocked in supermarkets, packed with low quality product that was full of additives but with a long shelf life. And on the other, they saw super independent, achingly trendy, expensive bottled coffees that could only last a couple of weeks. Surely, should be a happy medium? So they set about creating it.

Minor Figures makes cold brew coffee using ethically-sourced single origin beans which are locally ground, long lasting and reasonably priced.

Cold Brew is the latest in a long list of coffee trends. Rather than being brewed at a high heat for a short time, it’s brewed with cold water for 18 to 24 hours. This process releases the flavour of the beans to slowly, creating a gentle infusion. The result is naturally sweet coffee of a lower acidity than its warm counterparts.

Although on-trend, cold brew coffee is nothing new. The Japanese have been selling it since the 15th century. The Minor Figures pay homage to this history by proudly featuring Kyoto’s Kamogawa (Wild Duck) River – where cold brew vendors line the banks – on all its packaging.

Closed loop

During a pearl-fishing trip, founder Stuart became fascinated with the idea of closed loop production. With pearl-fishing there is not one wasted ingredient; the pearls are sold to jewelers, the oysters for sauces, the shells to be ground down into cosmetics. This same no waste philosophy has been applied to Minor Figures, where they use any leftovers to create invigorating and deliciously smelling coffee soap and scrub.

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