An art studio that produces cards and homeware that showcase the talents of adults living with severe epilepsy as well as learning and physical disabilities.

Art needs purpose

In 1999, Becky Sheraidah started facilitating art workshops for adults living with epilepsy. She loved getting to know each personality, studying each individual’s way of working and learning each person’s refreshing outlook on the world.

But she saw a problem.

Although the workshops were enjoyable, they were creating art with no purpose. There was little room for creativity and everything was thrown away at the end of the day. They also didn’t tackle the primary issue facing many people with severe epilepsy – a feeling of alienation from their communities.

So with a proposal, she approached the Meath Epilepsy Trust, a charity offering housing and support for people aged 19 and over living with severe epilepsy, and ARTHOUSE Meath began.

How it works

ARTHOUSE Meath supports people with epilepsy to create artworks, designs and images for cards and homeware which they sell around the world. They work alongside professional art instructors and designers who ensure that each person creates high-quality sellable goods, through their choice of materials, colours and layouts.

The cards and homeware are sold online, in department stores and at ARTHOUSE Meath’s high street store and studio in Godalming, Surrey. The shop is a bright and busy place where artists can sell their work. It backs onto the studio, which runs art sessions in drawing, mark making, painting, printing and jewellery making. It’s a hub of purposeful work, a thriving part of the community and a support network where the artists are respected, included and recognised for their skills and achievements.

What’s next?

ARTHOUSE Meath benefits its artists and its customers. For artists, it gives them the satisfaction of selling their work and the opportunity to feel part of the wider community. For customers, it dispels the stigma and misinformation associated with epilepsy and disability.

Becky is looking to grow ARTHOUSE Meath using a franchise model, giving more people the opportunity to make art with a purpose.

Visit the ARTHOUSE Meath website

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