The UK brand taking old jeans and making them into new glasses.

The next chapter for denim

San Fransisco, 1871. A man named Jacob Davis invest blue jeans by combining a workman pant with a reinforced copper rivet. Too poor to patent his discovery, Davis approaches Levi Strauss, who kickstarts his project and creates a fashion dynasty that still thrives today.

Cornwall, 2016. Two designers, Jack and Alex, are taking the rich heritage of denim in a new direction by repurposing discarded jeans into sunglasses.

Creating Solid Denim

From their workshop in Cornwall, Mosevic have developed a unique process of turning denim into a building material – coined Solid Denim – that they believe is stronger than plastic.

To make the glasses, layers of denim are infused with a resin which are then pressed into moulds, binding the material into place and creating three dimensional forms. The resulting material, Solid Denim, is durable, flexible and perfect for building high-quality, striking eyewear. The Solid Denim is then cut into frames precisely by a machines, stone washed and assembled by hand with lenses from Zeiss. 

Tough stuff

Denim is inherently a tough fabric, originally worn by gold miners in the Wild West. But Mosevic's Solid Denim takes this ruggedness even further. Built to last, every pair arrives at your door in climate conscious packaging made from recycled card.

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