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Left behind

Co-founders Neeraj and Stefan don't take their education for granted. They know that being well educated has given them so many opportunities. They also know that not everyone is as fortunate as them.

Education is the key driver of positive change and conflict has been shown to be twice as likely in countries with high levels of education inequality. The most frequent request by displaced people is for access to education.

In South Sudan, server conflict has resulted in generations missing out on education. The country's literacy rate is the world's lowest at only 27%.

Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world with an estimated 43% of people living on less than $1 a day. The civil war has a devastating impact on education.

In Uganda, poverty and a history of conflict has had a huge impact on the accessibility of education. In the northern and eastern regions only 30% of children who enter primary school go on to complete their primary school education.

Whilst Kenya is a peaceful and prosperous country, the northern and arid regions rank low for school performance and literary. Over 50% of children in these regions have never attended school.

India is home to 40% of the world's illiterate population. Almost half of India's 210 million children are unable to read or write.


Meaningful design

Neeraj and Stefan have a passion for men's accessories but were disillusioned by the fashion industry. They wanted to create quality whilst given their products meaning beyond fast fashion fads. They found inspiration when travelling together in Mumbai – a city where extreme prosperity and abject poverty live side by side. Conversation turned to Neeraj's experience teaching maths as a volunteer in the suburbs and the rest of their trip was occupied with discussions about what they could do. They knew what whatever they did, they wanted it to support education in developing countries.

Back home, working with designed Alice Christian, they created their unique patterns which subtly represent the countries they support. They designed and launched their first range of high quality silk ties and have now added silk pocket squares and cufflinks to their collection.

For every Reddendi product purchases, a child's education is supported for a year in the product's respective region. They currently have India, Africa, Middle East and Latin america and all pf their products are handcrafted in the UK.

Reddendi know that their customers appreciate quality products and can proudly wear their accessories as a symbol of their support for the education of children who have had less opportunities that themselves.


Top of the class

Reddendi believe that business should be run in a way that gives back to society and that education is the best way to ensure prosperity. For every Reddendi tie purchases, an extra child will have access to education for a year. This has been made possible via partnerships with the African Education Trust (who have been working to get more children into education since 1958) and Pratham UK (set up in the Mumbai slums in 1994).

So far over 200 children in India and Africa have been supported through the first range of neckties. 

To date Pratham has reached over 1 million children in rural India and 300,000 children in cities through its Read India programme with an active presence in 17 states, 32 cities and 28,000 villages.

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