The Swedish brand making bikes to donate bikes to schoolgirls in Ghana.

A new commute

The city commute is changing. It's time to wave goodbye to having your nose in other people's armpits on delayed buses. You can now pedal in style with Vélosophy, the bikes that are part engineering, part philosophy.

Vélosophy make beautiful bikes. Their minimalist design, clean, aluminium frames and bright, colourful accents make them *the* stylist and functional option for those of us who like to travel on two wheels.

They come in two distinct styles to suit every kind of commuter. The Vé Sport Edition is crafted for speed with lightweight aluminium, protective alloy fenders and smooth shifting 3-speed Sram gears that can handle any hill. The Vé Comfot Edition is made for a leisurely city ride: the seat is a bit wider, the positioning more upright and the frame design allows for summer dresses on sunny days. Both models are easily fitted with a custom carrier for groceries, flowers or even a puppy.

Not just a bike brand

Jimmy Östholm has always been a pedal pusher and wanted to encourage more people to do it. But his goals for Vélosophy go a lot further than selling nice bikes, he wanted to create a company where profitability and charity go hand in hand. 

Giving opportunity

Bikes are one of the single most important factors in giving more girls access to schools. When girls have their own bikes attendance goes up by 30% and grades increase by close to 60%. Having a bike reduces the hours spent commuting, increases energy levels in class and gives more daylight hours to complete homework.

Vélosophy is working with UNICEF and World Bike Relief to provide schoolgirls in developing countries with bicycles. For every Vélosophy bike bought, they donate a locally assembled bicycled to a school girl in Ghana.

According to Plan UK, an extra year of education can increase a girls income by 20% and a significant step on the road to breaking the cycle of poverty. Educated girls mean the chance for a better life for themselves and their children, a more prosperous community, a better workforce and a wealthier nation.

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