School Sausages

We partnered with The Good Little Company to introduce them to 200 new customers.


We’ve admired The Good Little Company for a while now. Not only do they make delicious sausages, they help provide meals for people who need them most by giving a percentage of each sale to food scarcity projects run by Christian Aid. They sell their sausages in Waitrose and they want to appeal to parents and their young children.


St. John’s Primary School in Sevenoaks wanted to celebrate Christian Aid week with an after school BBQ. We spoke to The Good Little Company, who very generously donated enough sausages to feed the pupils, their parents and any other friends St. John’s wanted to invite. 


This allowed St John’s to raise £418.13 for their desired cause, whilst The Good Little Company have another 200 happy customers to spread the word about their delicious sausages and 41,813 more meals to donate to food scarcity projects. Just lovely.

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