Madécasse Mailouts

We partnered with Madécasse, the first chocolate made bean to bar in Africa, to introduce them to some new friends.


Although 70% of the world’s cocoa is grown in Africa, less that 1% of the world’s chocolate is being made there; shocking statistics that help to explain why a country so rich in raw materials, can remain so poor. Madécasse are on a mission to change this with their by producing chocolate crafted from bean to bar in Madagascar, Africa and they want more people to know about them.


We introduced our community to Madécasse by asking them to tweet or email us to request a bar which we then posted them to test and share their comments.


15 lucky people had Madécasse chocolate posted to their door for testing and tasting.

If you have a product you'd like us to introduce our community to, please email [email protected].

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