About us

We champion products that look good and do good.

We work with creative companies using brilliant design and business innovation to tackle social and environmental challenges; like a soap company that provides employment for people who are blind and a print house that uses their offcuts to make notebooks.

We showcase them in one place – telling their stories, selling their products, building their brands and launching new ones – so that it is easy and fun for us to all consume more thoughtfully.

Because every time we spend money, we're voting for the people we want to support, the businesses we want to grow and then kind of world we want to live in. So the sooner we can spend our money with companies contributing to a more generous and lasting world, the better.

Our team

This Because is run by Zoë Quirk with the help of many friends – brilliant writers, designers, photographers and communicators who all want to get people to think before they shop.

Our supporters

We have many supporters who have donated time, money and expertise to support the running and development of This Because. We always welcome others, so if you’d like to lend a hand or a brain please email [email protected].