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This Because exists so that people can shop for brilliantly designed products with social values, with ease and without compromise. 

We work with brilliantly creative companies making great products and prioritising social and environmental impact and behaviours. We are showcasing them in one place – telling their stories and selling their products – so that everyone can consume more thoughtfully.

Be part of our community

We tell companies stories to highlight examples of better business

We handpick the very best products from these companies – across all categories – promoting and selling them in our online (and sometimes offline) shop

We making it easy and fun for everyone to shop more thoughtfully

We’re creating a larger, louder community of like-minded people and brands

What we're looking for

Well designed, good quality products, ideally with good photography

Interesting people tackling societal and environmental challenges with creativity and craft

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If you would like to join our community, please email [email protected] and tell us a little bit about yourself.